On installing or updating the plugin, Mailster will ask if you would like to opt into usage tracking. By doing this, you are helping us with better planning of new features, fixing bugs, and prioritizing development based on user feedback.

Opting into usage tracking is completely optional and you can opt-out at any time.

You can enable/disable the option on the Advanced tab in the settings.

Data we collect with usage tracking.

If you opt-in to usage tracking Mailster will collect the following data from your site and send it to our server. We do not share this information with any third party.

  • URL
  • Site Name
  • WordPress Version
  • Language of your site
  • CharacterSet
  • PHP Version
  • Server Software and Version
  • Active Plugins
  • Text Direction
  • Plugins status
  • Plugin Version
  • Theme
  • Theme Version

Furthermore, we will collect Mailster-related option settings:

  • Send Offset
  • Timezone based delivery
  • Embeded Images
  • Track opens, clicks and locations
  • GDPR enabled forms
  • Module Thumbnails
  • CharacterSet/Encoding
  • Autoupdate
  • System Mail
  • Current Template
  • Frontpage status
  • Share buttons
  • Archive method
  • (Un)subscriber notification
  • Do Not Track status
  • List based Opt in
  • Single Opt out
  • Sync enabled
  • Register on comment form
  • Register 3rd party
  • Sendinterval
  • Numbers of mails sent at once
  • Send Limit
  • Send Period
  • Send Delay
  • Cron Service used
  • Cron Lock method used
  • Delivery method
  • Bounce status
  • Disabled Cache
  • Data removal