The newsletter homepage is a static page which is required to make the subscription and unsubscription progress work correctly. If you activate Mailster Newsletter plugin you’ll get ask to create a new page. By default it’s called Newsletter and can get accessed via


The page contains some shortcodes which are required:

  • [newsletter_signup] – wraps the content of the signup form including
  • [newsletter_signup_form] – which is the form
  • [newsletter_confirm] – wraps the content with the “Thank you” message. Subscribers will reach this page if they confirm their subscription
  • [newsletter_unsubscribe] – contains the unsubscribe form

The initial page has this content:

[newsletter_signup]Signup for the newsletter[newsletter_signup_form ID=1][/newsletter_signup]
[newsletter_confirm]Thanks for your interest![/newsletter_confirm]
[newsletter_unsubscribe]Do you really want to unsubscribe?[/newsletter_unsubscribe]

You have to link this page on the settings page as well (Settings => Newsletter => Frontend)

Please note if you use the archive function the “newsletter” slug is reserved for the archive page