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The newsletter homepage is a static page that is required to make the subscription and unsubscription progress work correctly. If you activate Mailster you’ll get asked to create the newsletter homepage during the setup process. By default, it’s called “Newsletter” and can be accessed via


The page contains some shortcodes which are required:

  • [newsletter_signup] – wraps the content of the signup form including
  • [newsletter_signup_form id=1] – which is the form
  • [newsletter_confirm] – wraps the content with the “Thank you” message. Subscribers will reach this page if they confirm their subscription
  • [newsletter_unsubscribe] – contains the unsubscribe form

You have to link this page on the settings page as well (Settings => Newsletter => Frontend)

Please note if you use the archive function the “newsletter” slug is reserved for the archive page

Newsletter Homepage and Subpages

The content of the Newsletter homepage can be defined between the [newsletter_signup]...[/newsletter_signup] shortcodes. You can use any HTML which is supported on your site. Make sure at least one [newsletter_signup_form] the shortcode is included.


You can access two subpages. The unsubscribe page can be found at


and the profile page can be found at


You can change the slug of these pages on the “Frontend” tab in the settings.