Mailster is used around the world and while many installations are running with an English localization even more don’t. 

Once you enable Mailster it will try to download your localization from If your language is not supported yet or WordPress wasn’t able to load the language files you will get Mailster in its default language.

If you switch the language of your site later you have to manually load the required files.

Go to Dashboard => Updates and find the “Translations” section

Click on “Update Translations” and your localization will get loaded.

Whenever there’s an update to your language you can repeat this step.

Custom Translations

If you’re not happy with the translation in your language you can add your custom translations file.

  1. Download your language with the steps described above or via
  2. Go to the wp-content/languages/plugins folder and copy the mailster-xx_XX.po and file into wp-content/uploads/mailster/languages (xx_XX is your actual language).
  3. Edit your file with an Editor like PoEdit

Make sure the file name has the correct format!

Mailster will now use the file in this folder. To change the strings you can use tools like Poedit to create your own file.