Mailster sends you emails in batches. While this is a technically limitation it also prevents sending to many mails at once which cause server timeouts and even get banned from your email delivery provider.

If you determine the number of mails Mailster should send for you in a given period you always have to take into account how many emails your server and you email server can handle. You also have to know how often a single batch gets sent.

Automatically adjust the batch size

Batch size in Mailster

If you enable the “automatically calculate this value”-checkbox Mailster tries to get the most out of your email server.

It uses the cron interval to determine how many mails within this interval are possible and slowly adjust the setting for that to this value. It will also decrease the value if your email provider takes more time to delivery your emails.

Thinks to be aware of.

  • If you enable this option you are no longer able to set the value for the batch size by your own.
  • Mailster may take a couple of cron triggers to get to the final value.
  • It’s recommend to keep this setting unchanged once you decided to use it so Mailster can adjust the batch size if needed.