If you have problems with sending your campaigns you may have not setup your cron correctly.

There a two ways to trigger the send progress:


If you select the WordPress native cron solution you don’t have to take any further actions. WordPress will send your campaigns in your defined interval. This method has some downside too. Read more about in this article.

real cron job

A “real cron job” is the most common way to do automatic task but needs some additional setup. If you select this option you’ll get a unique URL which looks like this


The 32 digit hash are some random numbers an letters an the script doesn’t execute the send progress if this value is missing.

Alternative URLs

If you have problems with this URL you can try to link directly to the cron file:


Trigger the Cron

You have to visit this URL to trigger the send progress!

You have several options how you can visit the URL:

  1. With your browser: Click the link and it will open in a new window. If you’re logged in you get a detailed report about what’s happening. Keep the window open otherwise the campaign may don’t get finished
  2. With your hosters cron options: Depending on your host this is slightly different. Please ask your provider how to call a certain URL with a certain interval. Some Guides are linked below.
  3. With a third party service: There are some free and paid services available who can trigger your send progress:

Using your hosters cron panel

Many hosts have different options to setup a cron with their service. Here’s the one from Site5:

There’s most likely a “Command” field where you have to enter not only the URL but also the actual program. Use one of these commands:

wget -O- 'https://example.com/mailster/9407e3177c89bebdaaffb108f432dcc3' > /dev/null

curl --silent 'https://example.com/mailster/9407e3177c89bebdaaffb108f432dcc3'

GET 'https://example.com/mailster/9407e3177c89bebdaaffb108f432dcc3' > /dev/null

If you have an option to Disable Email Notification check that option as well so you don’t get unnecessary emails.

If you setup your cron please also check if the cron is working correctly.

Official Guides from popular Hoster

Here are some links on how to setup a cron at the most popular hosts.