If you have created your campaign and it’s ready to get sent you probably see no progress and no mail get sent.

Can you send Mails at all?

This is essential to send campaigns. Go to Settings => Newsletter => Delivery and test your settings

Is your Cron working correctly?

Go to Settings => Newsletter => Cron and check when your last cron was triggered. You should also know how to set up a cron job

Is the Cron Lock in place?

The cron lock is a mechanism to prevent duplicates if the cron url is triggered multiple time at the at the same time. Read more about the cron lock here.

Trigger the send progress manually

Even if you cron seems to work fine open the cron job window and check the output. Goto Settings => Newsletter => Cron. Select real cron as Cron service and save your settings.

Click the link which opens a new window and check the output.

Does your server has enough resources?

The send progress takes sometimes up to 128MB memory so make sure your server have enough or increase the memory limit. If you send to many mails at once your server can also simple cancel the request. Increase the max execution time or decrease the number of mails sent at once

Screenshot 2014-10-06 um 19.05.00

Have you reached any sending limits?

If you reached the limits of your provider outgoing mails may get blocked. Contact your provider for more information!

Do you have selected any receiver?

An often overlooked mistake is that you have missed selecting your receivers.

A campaign without receivers will never start. Go back to the newsletter and add them in the receivers meta box.

I’ve checked all the options but my campaign still don’t get sent!

In rare cases there could be a problem with your server configuration or a third party plugin causes problems. Please sign up as EverPress member and we’ll do some further investigation.