If you are sending your Campaigns with Amazons Simple Email Service you can use the regular Bounce option that comes with Mailster. If you like to have more control on bounces you should switch to AmazonSNS.

Amazon Simple Notification Service send various kind of notifications to your selected endpoint. This can be an email address, a SMS or a simple web address. Read more on their official website.

Send your campaigns with AmazonSES

To work with AmazonSNS you need to send your campaigns with AmazonSES. Great that there’s a free add on available for Mailster. Make sure you follow our guide and setup AmazonSES for Mailster.

Make sure all your setup is done on the same region otherwise it wont work.

Add Notifications to your Email address.

Go to your AmazonSES Dashboard and click on “Domains” and find the domain you have verified for Mailster. You can also use a single email address if you don’t have a domain yet.

Find the Notifications Label and expand it by clicking on the title.

Expand the “Notification” tab and male sure to enable original headers.

Click on Edit Configuration to define Topics for “Bounces” and “Complaints”. You don’t need one for “Deliveries” but make sure you check “Include original headers“.

Create a topic

Head over to the AmazonSNS Dashboard and click on “Created topic” or select an existing one.

Create a new topic if needed.

Subscribe an Endpoint to your Topic

Create a new subscription.

Click on “Create subscription” to create a new subscription to your topic.

New Subscription dialog.

Paste the URL From the Mailster Settings on the Delivery Tab into the Endpoint textfield.

Find your Endpoint URL on the Mailster settings page.

Make sure you switch the Protocol to https if needed!

AmazonSNS now send a confirmation to this endpoint and the add on automatically verifies it.

Your setup is now complete and Mailster will start collecting bounces and complains (unsubscribes) starting from the next campaign you send.