1. Working with subscriber based auto responders
  2. Working with action based auto responders
  3. Working with time based auto responders
  4. Creating a series in Mailster
  5. Working with action hook auto responders

Today we take a tour to the next type of auto responders: Time based auto responders

What are time based auto responders for?

They are made to send new campaigns in a specific interval

Let’s say we would like to send our latest three posts to our subscribers on the first of every month

Create a new Campaign


define the subject and the optional preheader text. You can use the {issue} tag to display the current issue of your auto responder campaign. It will get increased by one every time a new campaign has been published


Create the content of your mail

Use the editor to add new modules and use relative tags


Dynamic tags work with relative (e.g. third latest post) or absolute (e.g. post with id X).

Relative Tag
Absolute Tag

To change the url of an image to an dynamic tag just insert the tag in the URL field.

Image editor

Define the delivery options for the auto responder

Delivery Settings

Next step is to tell that campaign that it’s actually an auto responder. Click on the auto responder tab in the delivery meta box.

Select the delay and choose “at a specific time” from the dropdown.

Choose “1 day” to create a campaign every day.

Define the start date of the campaign which is also the next schedule. You can also define an end date if the campaign is planned for a certain period.

If you would like to send your campaign only during weekdays uncheck unwanted days below

The next issue will get increased by one every time a new campaign has been created. You can use the {issue} tag to use this value in your campaign

only if

check this option if you would like to trigger this campaigns only after a certain amount of posts have been published. If this given number hasn’t been reached the campaign will be postponed until the next interval.

Don’t forget to define the lists you would like to use!

After you have saved you campaign you can find it at the auto responder section

Screenshot 2016-01-23 um 12.26.42