User or Subscriber ratings are a quick way to see the most engaging subscribers in Mailster.

Whenever a user interacts with one of your campaigns the user rating gets updated. Following actions causes a change in the rating:

  • opens
  • clicks
  • bounces
  • unsubscribes

While opens and clicks will increase the rating bounces and unsubscribes will decrease the rating. The rating is stored in percentage and can be from 10% (one-half star ) up to 100% ( five stars ).

The rating is used to order the sending queue which means subscribers with a higher rating will get the campaign before users with a lower rating.

Use Ratings in to segment your lists

Similar to other properties you can use ratings to segment your list. Just use the “User related” condition “Rating” and define how many stars a user must have to get the campaign:

Define custom ratings for users

Mailster offers two hooks to programmatically alter the rating:

  • mailster_subscriber_rating
  • mailster_subscriber_rating_[subscriber_id]

To give the subscriber with the ID “123” always a 5-star rating using this code:

apply_filters( 'mailster_subscriber_rating_123', function( $rating ){

	$rating = 1; // 1 = 100% = 5 stars

	return $rating;
} );

The rating may get applied delayed as the calculation can be resource intensive!