If you are familiar with dynamic posts in Mailster you will quickly understand the usage of random posts.

While dynamic posts display the X-latest post in your campaign random posts display a random post with the same conditions.

Random Dynamic Tag

While the dynamic tag shows the relative position (e.g. -3 = third latest post) and the absolute tag shows the absolute position (e.g. 23 = Post ID 23) the random tag uses the place for the seed.

So using {post_title:~7} and {post_content:~7} displays the title and the content of the same (random) post in the same campaign.

{post_title:~7} can display a different title in a different campaign.

Some rules apply to random dynamic tags:

  • Every random tag with the same seed uses the same post for the same campaign.
  • A seed must be a positive integer with a tilde (~) prefixed.
  • Each post used with a random seed will get displayed max. once per campaign.
  • The same seed used in the different campaigns can display different posts.

You can insert random posts from the auto-selection tool like the dynamic posts:

While the dropdown only displays twelve random post options there’s no limit to that.

In general, you should not rely on the displayed post on a random tag as it may change when you add or remove posts on your site. You should always expect different posts to show up.