The Campaign Overview page gives you a quick overview of all your campaigns. It’s similar to the post overview page where all.

On the campaign overview page, you can find all your subscribers sorted by their status.

Campaign Statuses

Depending on your delivery date and if you have marked the campaign to delivery, each campaign can have up to five statuses.


If a campaign was saved without the “Send this campaign” checkbox checked or an active campaign has been paused.

You can also pause an active campaign anytime to edit it. The web version will be accessible all the time.


If the campaign is waiting for dispatch.


If the campaign is progressing or right before sending.


If all newsletters were sent the campaign is “finished” and the date shows when the campaign has been finished.


If you duplicate a campaign its initial status is “Draft”. You can also save a campaign as “Draft” which means its web version is not active.

Sending Problems

If Mailster cannot send your campaigns you will get an error indicator. Please get in touch with support if you cannot solve this issue.

If you don’t have the capability to send campaigns a sixth status is available: “Pending”. This requires someone with the right authority to send this campaign.


Metrics are the indicators of how your campaigns are performing. While all GREEN indicators show better performing RED indicates a worse-performing campaign at the specific metric.

All metrics are compared across all campaigns within your last year.

This campaign has a 1.19% better open rate (higher is better) and also a 0.27% worse unsubscribe rate (lower is better).

By default you can see five metrics on this page:

TotalnototalShows either the total amount of subscribers who get this campaign (regular campaign) or the number of sent mails (autoresponder)
Openyesopens/sentShows the number of opens next to the actually sent emails as well the open rate (OR)
ClicksyesclicksShows the number of clicked emails and the click-through-rate (CTR) as well the adjusted-click-through-rate (ACTR)
UnsubscribesyesunsubscribesShows the number of people who have unsubscribed and the unsubscribe rate (UR)
BouncesyesbouncesShows the number of bounced emails and the bounce rate (BR)

Some columns are sortable by clicking on the name of the column.

You can remove certain columns by clicking on “Screen Options” at the top and unchecking the column you like to hide.

Bulk Actions

You can run some bulk actions on all selected campaigns.

  1. Select campaigns
  2. Choose the bulk action
  3. Click on “Apply”
Move to TrashMoves the selected campaigns. into the trash.
DuplicateDuplicate the campaigns.
StartStarts the selected campaigns (if applicable).
PausePauses the selected campaigns (if applicable).
ResumeResumes the selected campaigns (if applicable).
FinishFinish the selected campaigns (if applicable). It cannot be undone.
Pause(Re)sends the confirmation message (for double opt-in) if needed.
ActivateActivates selected autoresponder
DeactivateDeactivates selected autoresponder