Mailster can handle subscriptions in two different ways.

  1. List based subscriptions (default)
  2. Global subscriptions

It’s recommend to use the list based model as it’s more flexible and allows users to unsubscribe from each list individually.

Subscriber Status

Each subscriber in Mailster has a status which can be

  • Pending
  • Subscribed
  • Unsubscribed
  • Hardbounced
  • Error

Only subscribers with status “subscribed” will get campaigns in Mailster. This is always the case no matter which type of subscription you choose.

You can change the type on the Subscribers tab in the settings.

List Based Subscription

If your subscribers are signed up to multiple lists they will only get removed from certain lists once they cancel the subscription.

On the Subscribers detail page you can check which lists the users has signed up to. It will also show the confirmation date to each list.

If you send you campaign with one of the lists selected the user will get the campaign and once he clicks on the unsubscribe link in the email the user will get removed from these lists only.

In our example it’s the “Blog Updates” list the user is no longer subscribed to. He still get’s campaigns for the “Promotion” list.

If you choose “List doesn’t matter” Mailster will always uses the global subscriptions.

Global Based subscriptions

If you choose this option subscribers status will change to “unsubscribed” once the click on the unsubscribe link in the campaign.