Providing our customers with the best email marketing software possible to increase their interaction and grow their business has always been our main goal. To serve you even better in the future we are changing some important things in how we manage and help our customers.

Delivering outstanding support is key to us. For that reason, we’ve worked hard and are now introducing our new support and license center. From now on you can manage all your Mailster licenses from your account and check the status of your support tickets.

By giving our customers a dedicated place where they can reach out to us and get helped quickly we will increase our efficiency and be able to respond even faster to your questions. As our team and customer base is growing we try to expand every aspect of our business with many great new features for Mailster in the pipeline as well as improving existing functionality.

The update is free for all licensees! If you don’t own a license you can get one here. If you have any trouble updating we are happy to assist so please open a ticket.

Please make sure you have a backup of your data before you run the update!

There are two ways you can update:

  1. via your WordPress Dashboard
  2. via FTP

After both update methods, an additional update process is required!

Updating via your WordPress Dashboard

Go to WordPress => Updates and you will see an update notification for Mailster. Update the plugin like you like normally update your plugins.

You can also update via the plugins page:

Updating via FTP

If you upload Mailster via FTP you will find it next to your old version of MyMail:

You can simply activate Mailster and it will redirect you to the Update Process.

Update Process

Mailster must convert database tables and your options to its new location. This requires an additional step:

Click on the “Progress Update now” button or visit a page in the “Newsletter” menu and Mailster will continue to process the update.

Please keep the window open until all updates are finished!

If you interrupt the update somehow go to this page (by replacing “” with your actual domain):

The output of the page will contain info about the current process:

Things you have to update manually

While the update converts everything inside the scope of Mailster if you have some customizations you need to update them manually.

General Changes

  • All occurrences of “MyMail” will be converted to “Mailster
  • All occurrences of “myMail” will be converted to “mailster
  • All occurrences of “mymail” will be converted to “mailster

Cron URL (required)

If you trigger the cron via an external service you have to update the URL. If you use wp-cron there’s no need to update it.



Custom CSS (required)

If you use custom CSS to style the form you have to replace all  “mymail” strings with “mailster“.


.mymail-form {
    border: 1px solid red;


.mailster-form {
    border: 1px solid red;

External Forms (optional, but highly recommend)

Your external forms, no matter if embedded or as an iframe, will continue to work with the MyMail Legacy Code Helper you can find after the update in your plugins folder.

You don’t have to activate it but you can remove it if you have updated all your external forms and subscriber buttons. Your form.php file is now on a different location since the plugins slug has changed:




Action Hooks and Filters (optional, but recommend)

If you are using custom action hooks or filters you can update their prefix from “mymail_” to “mailster_“. We have ensured Mailster is backward compatible and your “mymail_” – prefixed hooks will continue to work but they are deprecated.


add_filter( 'mymail_strip_shortcodes', '__return_false' );


add_filter( 'mailster_strip_shortcodes', '__return_false' );

Functions and Methods (optional, but recommend)

If you use any public method starting with mymail* you can still use them in Mailster but they will throw a “deprecated” notice.

You can replace all “mymail” with “mailster” to get rid of the notices.


$subscriber = mymail( 'subscribers' )->get( 123 );


$subscriber = mailster( 'subscribers' )->get( 123 );

Third-Party Plugins

Plugins should continue to work as expected. We try to make this transition as smooth as possible and we stay in contact with most of the developers of addons for Mailster.