You have two ways to purchase Mailster:


If you bought Mailster from the official website your licenses are handled by our partner Freemius.

From CodeCanyon

If you bought a license from CodeCanyon (an Envato Marketplace) the official license agreements are applied to your purchased license. The license is given in form of a unique key (purchase code) which will be used during registration and must be kept secret.

Can I use the license on more than one domain?

One “Regular License” is good for one domain/website. You can use it on unlimited subdirectories of this domain though. Assuming your site is you can install Mailster on the following sites:


However, you cannot install the plugin on the following sites:

  • ❌
  • ❌
  • ❌

Can I use Mailster on a multi-site network?

Technically Mailster works on a multi-site network but you still need a license if you have different domains.

Can I change the domain for my license?

You can change the assigned license via your Freemius account.

A CodeCanyon license is for one domain only. Once assigned to the domain you need a new license for a different domain (Buy a new license here). However, we allow you to change the assigned site 3 times per license in case you made a mistake or you set your site up on a staging site.

Can I have a staging site?

If your staging site is on the same domain as explained above you can use the same license. If your staging site is on a different domain or on your local environment you need an extra license to get updates on this site.

How long do I get auto updates for the license?

All licenses purchased before the 1st of October 2022 can get updates via the WordPress Dashboard (auto-updates). Licenses bought after or on the 1st of October 2022 have 6 months of auto-updates starting on the day of purchase.

You can always get the most recent version from Envato and upload it manually.

Where can I buy a new license?

Please follow this link to get your new license: Buy a new license here.