You can quickly add subscribers in Mailster with some line of code.

The quickest way is to add a single email address.

mailster( 'subscribers' )->add( '[email protected]' );

This method will return the id of the subscriber or a WP_Error object if something fails.

Add a Subscriber with additional info

If you have more info you can use an array as the first argument

$subscriber_id = mailster('subscribers')->add(array(
    'firstname' => 'John',
    'lastname' => 'Doe',
    'email' => '[email protected]',
    'status' => 1, //1 = subscribed (default) , 0 = pending, 2 = unsubscribed, 3 = hardbounced
    'custom-field' => 'Custom Value',
    'referer' => 'Your referer' //default = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']
), $overwrite );

Update a Subscriber

You need the subscriber id to update a subscriber.

    'ID' => 123,
    'firstname' => 'Jane',

Assign lists

To assign lists you can use the assign_lists method like

$success = mailster('subscribers')->assign_lists($subscriber_ids, $lists, $remove_old);

$subscriber_ids is either a single id or an array with id’s of subscribers

$lists is either a single id or an array with id’s of lists

$remove_old will remove all assigned lists before assigning the new once (default false)

$success is boolean

Remove a Subscriber

To remove a subscriber you can do

mailster('subscribers')->remove( $subscriber_ids )

$subscriber_ids can either be a single subscriber id or an array of ids.

Learn more about Mailster for Developers.