In some cases you are not able to update the plugin and you get following error message “Update Failed: Plugin update failed“.

There are several reasons this can happen:

You haven’t registered yet

To get automatic updates and support you need an account at Click here to register.

You haven’t entered a valid License code

Make sure you have entered a valid code on the Dashboard or during the setup process.  Where’s my purchase code?

Your License code is already in use

You can use you License code (Purchase code) for one domain only. If you like to use Mailster on a different domain buy a new license.

A server is down

We are validating your licence against the Envato API. Like every other server it sometimes happen that the server is not accessible. Please try again later to update.

Your WordPress installation can’t access the update server

Some providers block requests to third party servers. You can check if your host is blocking connections to the update server on the system info page in the settings.

Please allow access to as well as

If you’re still not able to update via WordPress you can update via FTP.

Updating via FTP

Updating via FTP should always be possible. It’s not recommend in general because your site will not be in “Maintenance Mode” and visitors may expect strange behaviors or error messages if they visit your site.

To update via FTP simple extract the Package and upload the “mailster” folder in the the wp-content/plugins folder of your site. If you get ask to overwrite files choose to overwrite every file and folder.