When it comes to increasing your subscriber base Twitter is a powerful resource. With Twitter’s “Lead Generation Cards” you can easily engage your followers to subscribe to your Newsletter. If you are using Mailster you have to do few simple steps. All you need is

  1. a Twitter account
  2. your Mailster Newsletter Plugin
  3. a valid Credit Card (you don’t get charged when using Twitter Cards, only when you advertise)

Goto Twitter’s Advertiser Site at ads.twitter.com. You have to login with your account.

Click in the top menu on “Creatives” => “Cards” to create your Twitter Card

You need to enter your credit card details to see the “Creatives” menu!

Create Lead Generation

Create your card using Twitters handy editor:


You can skip “Destination URL settings” blank if you don’t like to redirect users to a certain website

Expand the “Data settings” and enter as Submit URL


Replace example.com with your actual website address!

Data Settings

Select “POST” as your HTTP method

Next step is to map the fields with the one from Mailster

Post Data

You have to input following fields in the first section:

  • firstname for the Name
  • email for the email address.

If you have a custom field value for the twitter name you can use this as well

Now add following information as hidden data values

  • _referer => Your Twitter Campaign

You can use a different form ID if you have more than one form on your settings page. The _referer will get displayed on the subscribers page

After naming your card and agreeing to Twitters data use policy you can save you new Twitter Lead Generation Card

Twitter will now test your card and if you setup everything correctly you’ll get yourself as a new subscriber!

On the “Creatives” overview page you’ll find your created campaign.


Copy the link starting with https://cards.twitter.com/cards… and create a new tweet with it.